Sarah Shelton

Born ca. 1738 at “Rural Plains,” died 1775 at “Scotchtown” in Hanover Co., VA, buried in Hanover Co., VA, married 1754 at “Rural Plains” to Patrick Henry born 29 May 1736 at “Studley,” died at “Red Hill” on 6 June 1799, age 63, and buried at “Red Hill.”


1. Martha (Patsey)

Born 1755 at “Pine Slash,” died 1818, age 63 at “Leatherwood,” married 2 Oct 1773 to John Fontaine born 1750 at Beaverdam, VA, died at “Leatherwood” 1792 of malaria. Martha, widowed at 37, managed Leatherwood plantation, administered the will of her husband and her brother Edward; Martha and John are buried at Leatherwood, Henry Co., VA.

Children of Martha
  • Patrick Henry, b. 1775, married Nancy Miller, children, moved to Mississippi, died 1852, age 77; Patrick and Nancy buried in Pontotoc City Cemetery, MS.
  • Edward Winston, b. 1776, died 1792, age 16, at Hampden Sydney College, Prince Edward Co., VA.
  • Dr. Charles de LaBoulay, b. 1779, married Ann Mayo Carrington, died 1818, age 39, in Halifax Co., VA, no children.
  • Martha, b. 1781, married Nathaniel W. Dandridge II, children, moved to Mississippi, died 1845, age 64, Martha buried in Pontotoc City Cemetery, MS.
  • William Winston, b. 1786, married Martha Dandridge, children, died 1816, age 30, en route home from Alabama, buried in an unmarked grave near Abingdon, VA.
  • Rev. John James, b. 1787, married Mary Carr Redd, children, died 1852, age 64, in Henry Co., buried in “Bellview” cemetery, Henry Co., VA.
  • Dorothea Spotswood, b. 1791, died 1793, age 2.
2. John

Born 1757 at “Pine Slash,” died 1792 at age 34 at “Leatherwood,” Revolutionary War soldier, buried in an unmarked grave at “Leatherwood,” Henry Co., VA, married Susannah Walker (she remarried 1798 to Richard White and died in Abingdon, VA).

Child of John
  • Edmund born 1791, children, moved to Iowa ca. 1832, died 1855, age 63, buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Percy, Iowa.
3. William

Born 1763 Hanover Co., VA, died 1798 at age 35 at New Bern, North Carolina, married 21 Aug 1787 to wealthy widow Elizabeth Graves Cooke, born 1744 in Rhode Island, died 1825, New Bern, North Carolina. William was sheriff of Craven Co., North Carolina from 1794 until his death. No children.

4. Anne (Annie)

Born 19 Jul 1767 at “Roundabout” in Louisa Co., VA, died 22 May 1799 at age 31 at “Montvale,” home of her sister Betsey in King William Co., buried in Aylett family cemetery, married 7 Sept 1786 at “Salisbury” to Spencer Roane born in Essex Co., VA 1762; he died Warm Springs, VA in 1822.

Children of Anne
  • William Henry, b. 1787, married twice, one daughter; U. S. Congressman and Senator, died 1845, age 57, in Hanover Co., buried in Lyons family cemetery in Hanover Co., VA.
  • Patrick, b. 1789, died 1791, age 2.
  • Fayette, b. 1792, married Elizabeth Hunt, one daughter; died 1819, age 27, in Kentucky, buried in New Providence Church cemetery, McAfee, Kentucky.
  • Patrick Henry, b. 1793, died 1814, age 21, unmarried.
  • Julia, b. 1796, married James L. Saunders of Goochland Co., VA, no further information.
  • Anne, b. 1797, died young, no further information.
  • Elizabeth, b. 1798, died infancy 1799.
5. Elizabeth (Betsey)

Born Hanover Co., VA 23 Apr 1769, died 14 Sept 1842 at age 73 at “Fontainbleau,” King William Co., VA, home of her daughter Sarah Shelton; married 12 Oct 1786 at St. John’s Church, King William Co., VA to Philip Aylett, born 12 May 1767 at “Fairfield,” King William Co., VA, died 11 Sept 1831; both buried at “Fairfield”. Betsey outlived her husband and eleven of their thirteen children.

Children of Elizabeth
  • William, b. 1788, died 1797, age 9, King William Co., VA.
  • Patrick Henry, b. 1789, died 1799, age 10, King William Co., VA.
  • Gen. Philip, Jr., b. 1791, married Judith Page Waller, children, died 1848, age 56, Richmond, VA.
  • Mary Macon, b.1793, married Philip Fitzhugh, children, died 1836, age 42, Caroline Co., VA.
  • John, b. 1795, died 1796, age 10 months, King William Co., VA.
  • Elizabeth Henry, b. 1798, died 1818, age 10 years, King William Co., VA.
  • Anne Henry, b. 1799, died 1800, age 3 months, King William Co., VA.
  • Martha Dandridge, b. 1801, married Silas Duncan, no children, died 1833, age 32, King William Co., VA.
  • Anne Henry, b. 1803, married Thomas Moore, 2 children, died 1828, age 24, King William Co., VA.
  • Louisa Fontaine, b. 1805, died 1822, age 17, King William Co., VA.
  • William Aylett, b. 1806, died 1829, age 23, King William Co., VA.
  • Patrick Henry, b. 1808, died 1829, age 21, Univ. of VA, Charlottesville, VA.
  • Sarah Shelton, b. 1811, married William Spotswood Fontaine, children, died 1876, age 64, North Carolina, buried in City Cemetery, Reidsville, North Carolina.
6. Edward (Neddy)

Born 1771 “Scotchtown,” Hanover Co., VA, died 28 Oct 1794 at age 23 at “Winton,” New Glasgow, Amherst Co., VA, the home of his aunt, Jane Henry Meredith. The name of the town New Glasgow was later changed to Clifford. He was unmarried, had just passed the bar, buried at “Winton.” No children.

Dorothea Spotswood Dandridge

Born 25 Sept 1757 at “Chelsea,” died 14 Feb 1831 at age 73 at “Seven Islands”, Halifax Co., VA, married 9 Oct 1777 to (1st) Patrick Henry, born 29 May 1736 at “Studley,” died at “Red Hill” on 6 June 1799, age 63, and buried at “Red Hill.”; because of inclement weather, she was initially buried at “Seven Islands” and subsequently reinterred at “Red Hill” beside Henry. Dorothea married (2nd) Judge Edmund Winston, Henry’s executor and first cousin, who died in 1818. They lived at “Huntingtour” in Buckingham Co., VA.


1. Dorothea Spotswood (Dolly)

Born 2 Aug 1778 at Governor’s Mansion, Williamsburg, VA, died 17 Jun 1854 at age 75 at the home of her daughter, Elvira Crenshaw in Memphis, Tennessee; married 18 Jun 1795 at “Red Hill” to George Dabney Winston, born ca. 1774, died 15 Jul 1831 in Rockingham, North Carolina. Dorothea is buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis, Tennessee.

Children of Dorothea Spotswood
  • William, b. 1797, died 1815, age 17, Campbell Co., VA.
  • Edmund Dabney, b. 1799, married cousin Elizabeth Fontaine, children, died 1875, age 76 Mississippi, both buried at “Ridgeway” in Pontotoc County, Mississippi.
  • Patrick Henry, b. 1802, unmarried, died 1868, age 66, Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • George Dabney, b. ca. 1805, taught school at Scottsville (possibly Missouri).
  • Sarah Butler, b. 1807, married Dr. Charles Dandridge, no children, died 1834, age 27, Henry County, VA.
  • Edward Henry, b. 1811, married Susan Morehead Reynolds of Rockingham Co., North Carolina, children, died 1852, age 41, Pettis Co., Missouri. Susan returned to North Carolina, died in 1898.
  • Dr. Fayette Henry, b. 1813, married Martha Dix of Henry Co., VA, children, died 1839 at age 26 in a steamboat fire in Franklin, Missouri. Martha returned to Virginia, taught school in Goochland Co., VA.
  • James, b. ca. 1815, unmarried, ran unsuccessfully for Gov. of Missouri in 1850, died 1853, age 38.
  • Elvira Virginia, b. 1817, married James Crenshaw, children, died 1854 age 37, from complications of childbirth in Cooper Co., Missouri.
2. Sarah (Sallie) Butler

Born 4 Jan 1780 at “Leatherwood,” Henry Co., VA, died 10 Dec 1856 at age 76 at “Seven Islands,” Halifax Co., VA, married (1st) 31 Aug 1799 Robert Campbell who died Sept 1808, no children. Married (2nd) Alexander Scott 18 Aug 1813, born in Fauquier Co., 1769, and died Fauquier Co., VA in 1819, three children. Sallie Butler met Mr. Scott when he rescued her from the Richmond Theater fire in December 1811, lived at “Clermont” in Fauquier Co., VA until the death of her husband, moved back to “Seven Islands,” Halifax Co., VA. Sarah and Alexander are buried at “Seven Islands.”

Children of Sarah Butler
  • Patrick Henry, b. 1815, Fauquier Co., VA, married Mary Catherine Yancey, died 1865, age 49, at “Seven Islands,” Halifax Co., VA.
  • Henrietta Dandridge, b. 1817 in Fauquier Co., VA, married William Bailey, died 1895, age 77, in Alexandria, Louisiana, buried in Mt. Olivet cemetery, Pinelands, Louisiana.
  • Catherine Henry, b. 1819, “Seven Islands,” Halifax Co., VA, after the death of her father; married Dr. Robert W. Scott, died 1845, age 26, buried at “Seven Islands”.
3. Martha Catharina (Kitty)

Born 3 Nov 1781 at “Leatherwood,” Henry Co., VA, died 22 May 1801 at age 19 at Fleets Bay, VA, married 17 July 1798 at “Red Hill” to Edward Hugh Henry, who died in 1815.

Child of Martha Catharina
  • Dorothea Dandridge, b. 1800, died 1813, age 13, Fleets Bay, VA.
4. Patrick Jr.

Born 15 Aug 1783 at “Leatherwood,” Henry Co., VA, died 22 Sept 1804 at age 21 at “Union Hill,” Nelson Co., VA, where he is interred; married 9 Feb 1804 Elvira Cabell of “Union Hill,” born 10 Sept 1783, died 22 Oct. 1858 in Richmond, VA. Patrick Jr. inherited half of “Long Island,” Campbell Co., VA; one daughter, Elvira Ann Patrick, was born after his death. Ten years later the widow Elvira married James Bruce who became the first “agriculture” millionaire in America. At his death, he was the third wealthiest man in America.

Child of Patrick
  • Elvira Ann Patrick, b. 1804, married William Howson Clark died 1870, age 65, at “Banister Lodge”, Halifax Co., VA; she and her husband buried in unmarked graves at “Banister Lodge” according to their wishes.
5. Fayette

Born 9 Oct 1785 in Richmond, died 16 Mar 1813 at age 27 at the home of William Moncure near Richmond; married 26 Mar 1807 to Anne Elcan, born 17 Feb 1790, died 1 May 1808 while on a visit to “Red Hill.” Fayette inherited one half of “Long Island,” had just been elected to Virginia House of Delegates from Campbell Co., VA, and had served one session.

Child of Fayette
  • Fayette Jr., b. 1808, died 1808 in infancy.
6. Alexander Spotswood

Born 2 Jun 1788 at “Pleasant Grove,” Prince Edward Co., VA, died 6 Jan 1854 at age 65 at Aspenwall, Charlotte Co., VA; married Paulina Cabell 10 Feb 1814, born 1794, died 11 Nov 1833. Alexander Spotswood inherited half of Saura Town lands, which he sold to his brother-in-law, George Winston; was a very scholarly gentleman with a large library, a poor business manager, died destitute at the home of his son Dr. Patrick Henry, and was buried at Red Hill.

Children of Alexander Spotswood
  • George Lafayette, b. 1814 in Bedford Co., VA, married Margaretta Mason of Campbell Co., VA, children, died 1884, age 68, West Virginia, served in the Confederate army, buried in Donlan cemetery, Dawson, West Virginia.
  • Laura Sade, b. 1817, died 1831, age 14, Campbell Co., VA.
  • Dr. Patrick, b. 1818, married Clara Yancey, no children, helped raise Patrick Henry Scott’s children, died 1891, age 72, Clover, Halifax Co., VA.
  • Alexander Spotswood Jr., b. 1820, died 1828, age 8.
  • Sarah Winston, b. 1822, married first cousin, Dr. George C. Carrington, children, died 1906, age 83, at Accokeek, Maryland, buried St. John’s Episcopal Church, Halifax, VA.
  • John Robert Lewis, b. 1823, married Frances Edwards, children, teacher, died 1903, age 80 at Elliston, VA, buried at Elliston.
  • Paulina, b. 1824, married 1857 Bartlett Jones, he died next year in Pittsylvania Co., VA, one child; died after 1884.
  • Marion Fontaine Cabell, b. 1826, married Samuel Tyree of Lynchburg, VA, edited “Housekeeping in Old Virginia”, died 1912, age 85, Lynchburg, buried at Presbyterian Cemetery, Lynchburg, VA.
  • Alexander Spotswood III, b. 1828, died 1830, age 2.
  • William Lewis Cabell, b. 1830, unmarried, lived with Dr. Patrick Henry, died 1855, age 25, at Aspenwall, Charlotte Co., VA.
  • Alice Winston, b. 1831, no further information.
  • Marie Antionette, b. 1832, the first school teacher in Big Lick (present-day Roanoke), married 1872 to Andrew Hamrick, no children, died 1900, age 68, at Elliston, VA, buried in City Cemetery, Roanoke, VA.
7. Nathaniel West

Born 7 Apr 1790 “Pleasant Grove,” died 6 Sept 1851 at age 61 Jacksonville, VA (present-day Floyd), married Virginia Woodson 1812, born 1796 in Cumberland Co., VA, died 22 Oct 1838 in Leaksville, North Carolina. Nathaniel inherited half of the Saura Town lands which he sold to his brother-in-law, George Winston, bought and sold a lot of land, lost it all, taught school at Leaksville, and later at Jacksonville; buried in a pauper’s grave in Floyd, VA.

Children of Nathaniel West
  • Martha Catherine, b. 1813, married 1st Charles T. Ward, children, married (2nd) Edward Tatum, died 1900, age 86, at Altavista, VA, buried at “Avoca.”
  • Capt. Patrick Miller, b. 1815, married Susan Toby Robertson of Pittsylvania Co., VA, children, taught school, Sergeant in the Mexican War, clerk in War Dept. in Washington at his time of death in 1873, age 58, Washington, D.C.
  • Mary, b. 1816, married James Garrett of Mecklenburg Co., at least one child, death date unknown.
  • Lucy Ann, b. 1817, married 1st John Cardwell, tobacconist of Mecklenburg Co., VA, children; married (2nd) Charles Rosser, no children, died 1888, age 71, in Troy, Pennsylvania at the home of a son.
  • William Robertson, b. 1821, ran away from home at 17, joined the army, married Maria Urrutia, children, sheriff of Bexar Co., Texas, killed in a gunfight on Powder House steps in San Antonio 1862, age 41, dueling over who would be captain in a company of Confederate troops.
  • Dorothea Virginia, b. 1823, married a Mr. Beasley, died 1905, age 82, Ithaca, NY.
8. Richard

Born 27 Mar 1792 at “Pleasant Grove” in Prince Edward Co., VA, died 24 Aug 1793, age 17 months, at “Long Island,” Campbell Co., VA. No children.

9. Edward Winston (Winston)

Born 21 Jan. 1794 “Long Island,” Campbell Co., VA, died 12 Oct 1872, age 78 at “Winston-on-the-Staunton,” married Jane Yuille 19 Oct 1817, born 9 Sept 1799 at “Clarkton,” Halifax Co., VA, died 9 Sept 1866 at “Winston-on-the-Staunton;” inherited half of “Red Hill,” renamed his half “Winston-on the Staunton,” was a successful planter, served as sheriff of Charlotte Co., VA 1848-1850, enjoyed horse racing and bird hunting. He and Jane are buried at “Winston-on-the-Staunton,” Charlotte Co., VA.

Children of Edward Winston
  • Maria Rosalie, b. 1818, married at Charlotte Co., VA Dr. William Bernard Lewis, against parent’s wishes, children, died 1898, age 79, in Ashville, North Carolina, buried in Riverside cemetery.
  • Dr. Thomas Yuille (twin), b. 1821, moved to Florida because of tuberculosis, famous for Henry hounds (Birdsong Hounds), married Mary Frances Cunningham, one child, died 1869, age 48, in Quincy, Florida; delegate to convention to Tallahassee that adopted the resolution to secession, served in Confederate Legislature, sat on the committee that drafted the constitution for the Confederate State of Florida, established hospital facilities in West Florida during Civil War, buried in Western Cemetery, Gadsden, Florida.
  • Patrick LaFayette (twin), b. 1821 moved to Florida because of tuberculosis, married Emily Tillinghast, no children, died 1852, age 31, at “Winston-on-the-Staunton” and buried there.
  • Lucy Dorothea, b. 1823, married Octave Leighton, two children, died 1898, age 75, in Petersburg, VA.
  • Sarah Jane, b. 1825, married William H. Armistead, children, died Halifax Co., VA in 1899, age 74, buried St. John’s Church, Halifax, VA.
  • Celine, b. 1827, married John Robert Catlett, children, widowed, died 1874, age 46 at “Winston-on-the-Staunton,” Charlotte Co., VA, and is buried there.
  • Ella, b. 1831, died 1831 in infancy, buried at “Winston-on-the-Staunton,” Charlotte Co., VA.
  • Ada Byron, b. 1835, married Capt. John G. Smith, children, died at Charlotte Court House, VA, death date unknown.
  • Edward Winston, Jr., b. 1840, married Anne Ely of Mariana, Florida, children, inherited “Winston-on-the-Staunton” in Charlotte Co., VA, and died there before 1904, unmarked grave.
10. John

Born 16 Feb 1796 at “Red Hill,” Charlotte Co., VA, died 7 Jan 1868 at “Red Hill,” age 71, married Elvira McClelland 19 Jan 1826 in Lynchburg, VA, born 23 Apr 1808, died 2 Nov 1875 in Richmond, VA. John inherited half of “Red Hill,” built first addition to the house. His obituary said, “It was not the disposition of Mr. Jno. Henry to engage in the turmoils of public life. In the employments of his beautiful plantation, in the rearing of a large and intelligent family, and in the gentle pursuits of literature, he spent a peaceful and honorable life.” John and Elvira are buried at “Red Hill.”

Children of John
  • Margaret Ann, b. 1827, married William Miller, children, died 1881, age 53, Lynchburg, VA, buried at Spring Hill Cemetery in Lynchburg.
  • Elvira McClelland, b. 1829, married 1st Jesse Higginbotham, (2nd) Alexander Taylor, one son, died 1874, age 45, at “Mt. Hope”, Baltimore, Maryland, buried in Lynchburg at Spring Hill cemetery.
  • William Wirt, b. 1831, married Lucy Marshall of Charlotte Co., VA, children, lawyer in Richmond, died 1900, age 69, served briefly in Staunton Hill Artillery in Civil War, buried in Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, VA.
  • Dr. Thomas Stanhope McClelland, b. 1833, married Mary Gaines, children, died and buried in 1912 at age 79 at “Red Hill” in an unmarked grave; served briefly as Capt. of Co. 1, 5th Reg. Virginia Volunteers, resigned because of tuberculosis.
  • Laura Helen, b. 1836, married Dr. James Carter, died 1856, age 20, buried at “Red Hill.”
  • Emma Cabell, b. 1838, married James Boswell Ferguson III, a Civil War blockade-runner. Emma, an accomplished pianist, said to have studied under Paderewski, children, died 1905, age 67, at “LaValle,” Goochland Co., VA, buried at Byrd Presbyterian Church, Goochland, Co., VA.
  • John, died at birth ca. 1840.
11. Jane Robertson

Born 15 Jan 1798 at “Red Hill,” died 19 Jan 1798 “Red Hill,” 4 days old. No children.

Authored by Edith C. Poindexter
Revised June 2023