Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry—Founding Father, patriot, orator, governor, husband, father, grandfather, and friend.

Who was the man who walked the rolling lawns of Red Hill? He is best remembered for his speech given at St. John’s Church in 1775, in which he cried “give me liberty or give me death!” to the charged crowd, urging them to Revolution. But he is also the man who fought for and won the Bill of Rights, which preserved individual liberties in the fledgling nation, and still does today. He was a five-term governor of Virginia, as well as its first governor.

He was also a devoted family man, fathering 17 children in the course of two marriages. He was remembered by his friends and political opponents alike for his sharp wit and strong integrity. He turned down appointments as a U.S. Senator, Secretary of State, Ambassador to Spain and France, and even as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, much to George Washington’s disappointment.

He led a rich life, and Henry was a rich character. Read more about why we are so committed to the legacy of this great patriot.