Plan a School Visit

Bringing your students to Red Hill is a great way to bring history to life as they are learning about Patrick Henry, the Revolution, or even just Colonial times in America.

There are several different options for the kind of tour and activities your school group can experience while here on the Red Hill grounds, and we are able to arrange and accommodate tours for groups of any size and age level.

The best way to plan a visit for your whole class, school, or grade level is to contact us at the number below at least two weeks in advance to discuss options and plan your trip.


Homeschool Days

If you are an individual or family with a home school group, you may want to check out our special Homeschool Days event, which takes place each fall.

This is a great time to join with other homeschoolers to engage with history in a hands-on environment.

One thing that can make your Red Hill trip especially memorable is to participate in our Living History experience stations. If you would like to take part in these learning experiences with your class, let us know in your trip request so that we can work on incorporating that into your visit.

You can arrange a visit for your school, class, or group at any time by getting in contact with us.


Liberty Trunks

Liberty Trunks include a wide variety of SOL-aligned activities, lesson plans, books, videos, primary source documents, crafts, and games that can be incorporated into existing curriculum. Topics covered include Virginia geography and regions, agriculture, slavery, money, barter, and credit, Colonial life, the American Revolution, Founding Fathers, and much, much more.  Plus, digital copies of every activity are included for easy implementation into Google Classrooms, Moodle, or other LMS’s.

Upon scheduling, Red Hill staff will deliver a Liberty Trunk to the school on the specified date. Teachers can use the contents of the trunk for four weeks and pack the contents to be picked back up. Red Hill staff can deliver and pick up trunks for schools in surrounding counties, but if your school is farther away, please get in touch with us to discuss shipment or pick-up options. Upon return to Red Hill, the Trunk will be quarantined and sanitized.

The cost is FREE thanks to generous grant funding for local schools. Contact us to see if your school is eligible to receive a Liberty Trunk at no cost. 

For more information about the Liberty Trunks, scheduling, and SOLs covered, see our Liberty Trunks Flyer or email


Virtual Tours

Virtual tours allow students to see the “Voice of the American Revolution’s” final home and burial place-while never leaving the classroom!

Enjoy a private, 30-minute “tour” of the historic grounds including Henry’s reconstructed home, Colonial kitchen, cabin, original Law Office, and family gravesite. Students will learn standards-aligned information about Patrick Henry, the enslaved population, and plantation life hosted by Red Hill’s Director of Education and staff members.

For more information or to schedule a virtual tour for your students, please see the Virtual Tours Flyer below or email