Bust of Patrick Henry done from life. 1788. collection of the Patrick Henry memorial foundation.

The Patrick Henry Memorial Foundation is responsible for the care, preservation, study, and public exhibition of objects related to Patrick Henry, his family and descendants, and enslaved individuals. Since the Foundation purchased Red Hill in 1944, several generations of curators have worked to research, locate, and acquire the approximately 3,000 objects in our collection. The process is ongoing, and involves a combination of documentary and provenance research and connoisseurship.

Red Hill houses the premier collection for the comprehensive study of Patrick Henry. Objects relate to virtually every aspect of Henry’s diverse interests, and his and his family’s activities. These include fine and decorative arts (paintings, prints, furniture, sculptures, textiles, ceramics, silver, and glass), maps, books, letters, musical instruments, and personal items such as clothing, jewelry, sewing implements, and accessories.

James S. Easley Research Library

James S. Easley

Named for the Foundation’s first president, the James S. Easley Research Library houses hundreds of books, magazines, reports, and journals which can be used for scholarly research.

Subjects covered by these volumes include Patrick Henry, the American Revolution, Colonial life, historic furnishings, slavery, biographies, historic preservation, 18th century social and cultural traditions, and much more. Access to this library is by appointment only.

The Foundation’s collection is open for scholarly research. Please submit a research request with information regarding the project’s scope and what kind of objects would aid in your research. Our archival and object collections span the life of Patrick Henry and all his descendants, and include documents telling the history of the Foundation itself.

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Since 1944 the Foundation has collected books, letters, maps, portraits, furniture, and other items once owned by Patrick Henry, his family, or the enslaved of Red Hill. Should you have artifacts you think might be appropriate for the Foundation’s collections, please contact us to discuss a potential gift. Some gifts may qualify as tax-deductible donations.

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