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Join the Patrick Henry Auxiliary

The Patrick Henry Auxiliary is a membership-based volunteer organization, serving as tour guides and living historians for public programs. Their mission is to support the Foundation in its endeavor to promote the philosophy and contributions of Patrick Henry and “to help raise funds to achieve self-supporting, non-federally funded status for the Patrick Henry National Memorial at Red Hill, dedicated to the memory and ideals of Patrick Henry.”

An essential element of Red Hill programs, the volunteer members of the Auxiliary support the mission of the foundation in a variety of ways.

Activities of the Auxiliary

  • Guide groups, schoolchildren and adults, on tours of Red Hill
  • Dress in costume and interpret Patrick Henry’s life and times
  • Interpret 18th-century life on Living History Days
  • Craft and sell boxwood wreaths
  • Assist in the quarterly newsletter mailing
  • Participate in special events such as the annual Red Hill Christmas Open House and Patrick Henry’s birthday
  • Lend support for various foundation functions such as the Naturalization Ceremony
  • Assist with sales in the Museum Shop
  • Staff historic buildings during special events
  • Sponsor the annual Patrick Henry Oratory Contest of the National Forensic League


  • Free admission to Red Hill
  • 10% Discount on Museum Shop items
  • Discounted rates on foundation-sponsored trips
  • Educate the public about the contributions made by Patrick Henry
  • Support the mission to promote the philosophy of America’s patriot and first governor of Virginia

What you can expect

When you join the Patrick Henry Auxiliary, you’re making a commitment to support the Patrick Henry Memorial Foundation. You are committing to…

  • Attend regularly scheduled monthly meetings
  • Give two hours every other month or several hours each month. You choose how often you can lend a helping hand
  • Pay annual dues of $15 per individual and $20 for family
  • Participate in fund-raising activities of the Auxiliary

If you are interested in learning more about the Patrick Henry Auxiliary, please contact us.