Scotchtown Flag



Scotchtown Road leads to Patrick Henry's home, Scotchtown ca. 1719.  He trotted his horse and buggy through the red clay of Scotchtown Road to St. John's Church in Richmond to deliver is "Liberty or Death" speech on April 1775.  The next month, Captain Patrick Henry left home on horseback leading the beginning of the Culpeper Minute Men, a Hanover County militia about 150 strong trained in military tactics and drilled to respond to emergencies in a minute's notice and galloped through the red clay of Scotchtown Road to Williamsburg carrying the "Don't Tread on Me" flag on the mission to force the return of gunpowder seized from the Magazine by the British-known as "The Gunpowder Incident."  In honor of Captain Henry, The Culpeper Minute Men added "Liberty or Death" to their flag.  These flags are stained in the same red clay taken directly from this historic, well-worn and now sunken old Scotchtown Road. You don't have just a Flag-you have a piece of History!  


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