The Mind of a Patriot: Patrick Henry and the World of Ideas


By Kevin J. Hayes (2008)

The Mind of a Patriot presents an intellectual life of a major figure who has traditionally been seen as an anti-intellectual "child of nature." This was the view of Patrick Henry that William Wirt presented in his Life of Henry, and it has pervaded every biography since. Hayes presents a very different view of Henry. Starting with neglected pieces of evidence-the inventory of Henry's library-Hayes's unique perspective allows him to position Henry's life within the intellectual currents of the day. After the opening chapter, which shows how Thomas Jefferson's opinions of Henry influenced Wirt's depiction of him, the author traces Henry's life through his relationship with the world of books. THIS TITLE MAY BE A USED BOOK IN VERY GOOD CONDITION AS THIS BOOK IS ON THE RARE BOOK LIST.

Hardcover, 184 pages

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