The Last Years 1789-1799 (Hard Bound)


By Patrick Daly

The decade of the 1790's was for Patrick Henry his golden years.  During this period, Henry crowned his brilliant legal career with magnificnet oratory in the British Debts case and was accorded some of the highest public accolades and attention bestowed upon any U.S. citizen of his time.  

Patrick Henry: The Last Years  is a superbly researched and well-documented account of the little known yet important time in the life of one of the most influencial American patriots and statesmen that ever lived.  Henry's public and private lives are examined in the context of a critical time in the United States history.

Enjpy the post-Reveolution, final journey of Patrick Henry, a Virginian who rand the bell of freedom throughtout the colonies when he declared "Give me liberty, or give me death!"

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