Join, or Die Pin





"Join, or Die" is a well known political cartoon, created by Benjamin Franklin and first published in his Pennsylvania Gazette on May 9,1754.  It shows a snake severed in eigths, one each segment labeled with the initials of a British American colony or region.  New England was represented as one segment, rather than the four colonies it was at that time.  Delaware and Georgia were omitted.  Therefore it has 8 segments of a smake rather than the traditional 13 colonies.  The cartoon appeared along with Franklin's editoral about the "disunited state" of the colonies and the importance of colonial unity.  

This pin is pewter and can be worn as a tie tack, hat pin, lapel pin, etc.  Show your patriotism by wearing nice pin.  actual size is 1' x 1/2".  Made in USA.

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