Herbs and Herb Lore of Colonial America


By Colonial Dames of America

The great importance and usefulness of herbs among settllers in the ametican colonies are made abundantly clear in this charmining volume.  Compiled by members of the National Society of the Colonial Dames of America, this carefully researched and delightfully written guide provides a wealth of insights into the supply sources that sustained colonists of the period.  

Here are descriptions of more than 50 herbs and plants, from "simples" or medicinal flora that were believed to offer remedies for a number of ailments (including the ability to relieve pain from real or imagined afflictions) to those used as natural dyes, disinfectants, taste enhancers and more.  Among the varieties described here are bee balm, bloodroot, candytuff, daffodil, feverfew, hollyhock, hyssop, Jabob's-ladder, lady's bedstraw, lavender, lovage, lemon balm, marjoram, mint, parsely, periwinkle, primrose, rosemary, rue, sage, sweet woodruff, tansy, tarragon, thyme, violet, winter savory, wormwood, yarrow and many others.

Each plant is illustrated by an accurate drawing taken from early herbals and is accompanied by a quotation, anecdote and informative description that includes popular and scientific names and the plants's use in colonial households. 

An invaluable collection for plant lovers and herb enthusiasts, this excellent reference will also delight anyone interested in early American life.

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