Folk Medicine and Remedies


By George Rice

A long time ago, in the back woods and hills of rural America, folks made up all manners of tonics and medicines to "cure" what ailed them. 

These natural remedies and folk cures were called "simples" and were amazing efficent and often humorous.  Whether or not any of these remedies were actually effective or not is not recorded.  Nevertheless, they were passed down from generation to generation. 

Many of the "remedies" came from the immigrants who came to America in the 18th and 19th centuries.  These immigrants brought with them a storehouse of remedies for ailments. 

Before the day of modern mediine, these folk remedies flourished, often bringing relief and even cures to the sick and ailing.  The use of teas, ointmens, tonics, salves and poultices was common in average households.  

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