Charlotte County Virginia


Charlotte County Virginia : Historical Statistical and Present Attractions


Compiled by J. Cullen Carrington


The historical sketch down to a description of the Courthouse is from facile pen of the Hon. William Wirt Henry; and I (J.C.C.) am indebted to the excellent work of Major R. V. Gaines for certain well established facts which I have found useful in the preparation of this book. The selection of historic places and the houses of the Charlotte of to-day was made by a committee composed of Messrs. A.J. Terry, F. C. Thornton and W. G. Williams. These gentlemen exercised their best judgment in these selections, and have been very considerate and helpful in other ways. That the book may rise to the hopes and expectations of those who have committed it to my charge and result in placing the county’s attractions properly before the public, is my earnest and only desire.


Paperback, 142 Pages




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